Burton Home Improvement, Inc.
Residential and Commercial Roofing
-Have you been wondering what the difference between 30lb. felt and 15lb. felt is?

-Were you aware that with the right installers and products that your new roof can be warrantied for up to 20 years?

-Were you aware that in the Midwest climates, that we have a problem with ice damming?

Did any of the above questions cause you a headache?

Take the worry out of your roofing problems and contact Burton Home Improvement, Inc. today!

We have certified installers for the quality building products that we use.

Whether you are looking for a new roofing system or are in need of a repair to your current roofing system - WE CAN HELP!

We will take the time to meet with you, to answer your questions and to provide you with a plan to fit your desires.

*Be sure to ask about our 20 Year Warranty*
Roofing at Bank
Metal Roofing at Grocery Store
Some of Our Roofing Projects:
Custom Manufactured Copper Roofing at private home.
Steel Roofing at private home.
Roofing at Hotel
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